We are a small enterprise in the area of the university town Braunschweig with a need dependent number of qualified employees. The company has been there for more than twenty years. A variety of development and job orders from all areas of electronics were successfully dealt during this time. The analogous electronics with their numerous "dirt stock exchange securities" (EMV belongs to this) with which we have particularly much experience formed the main emphasis besides the digital technique. Our customers come from universities, Max-Planck institutes and from the industry. We offer the development and production of special gauges as unusual feature at a reasonable price, fast and flexibly for Experimental sets (e.g. for use at research or diploma and theses). As an example of it you find a very interesting Dielectric Constant Meter under "Instruments" for liquids or pouring goods which works according to the TDR principle with microwave impulses and among other things also can be used for the online lubricating oil supervision at vegetable oil engines. Our long-standing cooperation on different space research projects at the TU Braunschweig under leadership of the American space agency NASA has to be mentioned. There we could gain much experiences in high reliable electronics. We like to look forward to your technical problem and to advise you!